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October 15th 2021
Blue Department
“What I want to express with this story about Blue Department and Urth is how important it is to be open-minded, create and learn continuously.
Co-create together with your partner to achieve value. Exchange ideas. Talk openly about problems. Find solutions.”

fashion brand case study

I was spending too much time taking my fabrics from the store to the cutter to the sewer. I needed a clothing factory that let me focus on growing my brand. Urth Apparel provided just that.

– Julian Luna, Los Angeles, CA

Urth Apparel Case study

Jane Smith

I found Urth Apparel 5 years ago now. I went to them with a good knowledge in Fashion Design but no knowledge of how to take a brand from start to… I want to say finish; but my brand hasn’t finished, it’s going strong. I have the amazing pattern makers, Logistics team and many other members of the family to thanks for that.
My business has a grown alongside my knowledge of the industry. 5 years ago I never thought I would be able to be able to have the conversations I’m having today about my brand.
It sounds cliche but Urth really do think that no task is small enough or big enough to solve. I have found a factory for life; and friends. Cheers to Urth!
72% of customers who used Urth Apparel in 2020 saw an increase in sales revenue.


Non avrei potuto iniziare la mia attività senza Urth. Sono stati il mio partner principale di produzione per più di due anni. Hanno trasformato idee approssimative in splendidi capi che hanno sempre incrementato i miei profitti. La qualità dei loro capi è di prim’ordine, ma è la qualità dei membri del team che colpisce davvero. Ogni membro del team è estremamente valido ed è stato un piacere lavorare con loro. Mi sento molto fortunata a collaborare con loro.

Isabella T. - Boston


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