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Printed, Woven, and Heat Transfer Brand Tags

Printed, Woven, and Heat Transfer Brand Tags

Words by Alex Soler

26 December 2021
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printed woven and heat transfer clothing brand tags

What is the difference between Printed and Woven Clothing Tags?

The tags that are normally attached to a garment can present different colors, dimensions, materials, information, and so on. 

The main categories into which we can subdivide the tags are mainly 2: printed and woven labels. 


In the printed tags the written or drawn information is printed to the selected material.
These types of tags are the most popular ones for 2 main reasons: 

  • Firstly, these tags are faster to produce and therefore they could result in cheaper than the woven ones. 
  • And secondly, because the printing technique can be easily applied to different materials such as satin, canvas cotton, plastic paper, normal paper, and so on. 


The second tag category comprehends the woven tags.
This technique is also very common and is mainly used for brand tags

The written or drawn information is woven into the material, which is most likely to be fabric (not limited though). This technique is more durable than the printed one, where information tends to fade away with the passing of time and if subjected to frequent home-washing processes.


Both are great options, and we suggest you choose the one you prefer based on the above considerations. 

One last comment we would like to add, in order to help you choose correctly, is that printed labels could, but not necessarily, result in a little bit cheaper and of poor quality compared to a woven label. 

What is a Heat Transfer Tag?

Heat transfer tags are new technology becoming more and more popular in today’s fashion industry. The information is applied directly to the garment without printing it or weaving it on an extra piece of material, subsequently sewed to the garment.


The main positive aspect is its comfort, thanks to the tagless/seamless characteristics. For this reason, these tags are often used for sportswear, underwear, and kidswear apparel!

We must say, that it is also very easy to apply, with the only use of a heat press (or an iron – even though it is not highly recommended): the tag supplier will provide you the optimal temperature and the correct duration to pressure to obtain a great result!


Thanks to technology improvements, these tags are becoming more durable over time. Nowadays, durability is assured for 15-25 washes!

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