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Introduction to Urth Academy

Introduction to Urth Academy

Words by Alex Soler

29 September 2021
3 min read


What is Ürth Apparel Academy (ÜA)?

Urth Academy is a fashion-oriented online free platform that has the aim of being a source of TRUE information for new fashionistas. ÜA was born with the intent of sharing Urth’s Teams and other external fashion experts’ know-how,  different experiences,  past mistakes, challenges, and victories with you. In this section you will find endless material on every aspect of fashion, divided by categories and structured as school lectures.

Urth Academy is about information, but it’s not limited to that. Our goal is to create bridges and communication between individuals, schools, and enterprises. It is not just an Academy but a Fashion Community, the first one in its kind. 

Fashion is becoming every day more competitive, fast and difficult to enter – some tips from the insiders could be helpful – check Urth Academy out!

Why Ürth Apparel Academy?

  • To support new designers and help them succeed: Knowledge is Power
  • To increase Transparency and ensure Sustainability
  • To give voice to fashion technicians and insiders: who REALLY make your clothes 
  • To build bridges between different fashion entities and improve communications
  • To provide true, honest, and unaffected information
  • To try and make a change

To whom is Ürth Apparel Academy addressed?

To anyone who is interested in the fashion industry and wants to know more.  From a young school student, to a new fashion designer who’s not really acquainted with how product development and production work, to a specialized technician that wants to understand more on how other areas, beside their works, and so on. There is not a time to stop learning new things and skills.

With what types of institutions does Ürth Apparel Academy collaborate with?

We love what we do and how we do it. This is why we are happy to start new relationships with all types of academic institutions, both public and private, from high schools to universities, to amatorial or specialistic courses, which are interested in our project and possible collaborations. 

We also believe in collaboration within companies of our same field. We often provide our support to other leading companies of today’s fashion industry, to improve theirs  and our way of working thanks to a constructive exchange.

Urth Academy Talks & Events

What types of events/occasions does an Ürth Apparel Tutor participate in?

We normally participate in careers orientation days for young students, workshops, fairs, conferences, etc. 

Depending on the dimension and content of your event we will either send Ürthlings at your site or propose a digital communication to reduce both our expenses and the environmental impact.

Do you provide this service free of charge?

Yes, this service is completely free of charge.

If your institution can contribute to our Ürthling’s reimbursement of expenses, that would be extremely appreciated.

Nevertheless, in case you are located far away from our operational sites we would suggest a digital-communication, instead of having Ürthling coming to you – for expenses and environmental reasons.

In which languages can you provide a lesson?

We are an international institution with teammates from all over the world. We can try to find an Ürth Tutor that speaks your language. If this is not possible, all speeches will be held in English.

What are the topics Ürthlings normally treat?

Ürthlings are experts on any matter concerning fashion: Technical and Creative Design, Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion, Textile Production, Raw Materials Sourcing and Procurement, Pattern Making, Cutting & Sewing, Production Processes, Logistics, Marketing, Sales (Wholesale & Retail), Business Development, Customer Service, etc.

Your intervention is not sales oriented, correct?

Absolutely not! Our interventions have the only purpose to be useful and informational to aspiring entrepreneurs, young students or just curious individuals that want to learn more about fashion.

What is the competence level of an Ürth speaker?

We want to be absolutely transparent with you. Above all, you will be assigned a speaker based on the content of your event. Then, the second aspect taken into consideration will be the type of audience participating to it (in terms of age and experience). The more technical or complex the topic treated the more experienced the speaker will be attending your occurrence.

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