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Our Divisions

Words by Alex Soler

13 October 2021
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our divisions on urth academy

Urth Design Studio

The Urth Design Studio is the division that takes care of the Apparel Product Development Process. Our team is composed of talented and different professional figures. From Fashion Designers to Technical Designers, to Laboratory Technicians and Textile Engineers, to Pattern Makers, to Sample Sewers. 


But what is Product Development (PD)? It is the process of taking an idea for a new garment and bringing it to life, evaluating each area of the garment, before sending it to production. 

– Fashion & Technical Design

– Sourcing

– Pattern Making & Grading

– Prototyping & Fitting

– Logistics Analysis

– Financial Analysis and Feasibility

– Production Engineering Analysis

After having studied and completed all the steps above and just after the final prototype is tested and approved, we then proceed with Production.

Urth Sourcing

So you have come up with your vision board and now you are not sure what textile to use. This can be quite overwhelming since there are thousands of different textiles available. This is where our Sourcing Agents at our Urth Sourcing department come in. 

This team takes care of sourcing all the Raw Materials, Trims & Findings, and the research of New Suppliers that are required for a new garment in development. 


Urth Sourcing can be further divided into two sections. 

The first one takes care of constantly searching and evaluating new Partners and Suppliers with whom Urth selects to collaborate with. 

The second section works more directly on the garment development making sure the requirements of every item are respected and all due dates are met. 


Urth Sourcing and Urth Design Studio daily collaborate having the same final goals: create the best garments, making our clients happy and enjoying themselves while doing it!

Urth Manufacturing

Urth Manufacturing is the division that deals with all Production and Logistics matters. 

This Team starts working with the Urth Design Studio Team way before the end of the apparel product development to make sure the garment, once approved and ready for production, has already been analyzed and optimized for its manufacturing process. This close collaboration between all our departments ensures fast communication and no misunderstanding between them. 

Once the final prototype is approved, the Manufacturing Team makes sure that this garment is reproduced in as many units as ordered, in the same quality and preciseness of that very first garment. 


Urth Enterprise Manufacturing has many sub-categories that will make sure the Raw Materials Procurement, Cutting, Sewing, Quality Control, Ironing and Finishing, and Packing are all done correctly.


Once all the garments are ready and packed, the Logistics Team will dispatch the production by Air, Land or Ocean, and make sure the shipment reaches its destination with no problems and with on-time delivery.

Urth Global Union Group

Sometimes we need a bit of help too! 

Union Group is a collaboration between different experts in all fields related to:

  • Sourcing – if you need beautiful silks, we may tap into our French mills! 
  • Embellishments – need an awesome-looking Chenille embroidery? Our specialty partners can help. 
  • Tags – this is your brand’s voice and expression! We can help produce them. 
  • Logistics- need help moving your cargo? Our union group includes a worldwide network of freight forwarders that can deliver anywhere, anytime. 


We have a bunch more! But this blog would be too long to post! 😉

Urth Academy

Hi Urthlings! 

As you are able to tell, we are extremely passionate about what we do and we love to share our knowledge and experiences with others. This is why we decided to create Urth Academy.

Urth Academy is an online free Academy for everyone interested in fashion and wants to learn more about this fascinating and multifaceted world. 


In this section, we address many different topics trying to give a full idea of what Fashion is about and how to best approach it. 

You will find many different digital materials from articles, to videos, to lectures, to photos, to tutorials, to conferences, to suggestions and tips, and much more.


Who is behind Urth Academy? Well, WE ARE!

You will have a great opportunity to read and learn from people that work in the fashion industry every day and constantly deal with billions of different problems. Exciting, isn’t it?


Urth Academy is directed to everyone that wants to learn more about the history of fashion, how to attach a button, how to select fabrics, how to advertise your brand and sell your collection, and so on. 

Finally, everyone from anywhere in the world has access to an extremely wide database, all of this for free. 

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