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Best Fashion Websites & Magazines

Best Fashion Websites & Magazines

Words by Alex Soler

30 September 2021
2 min read


best fashion websites and magazines

In today’s digital world, paper magazines are gradually going out of use, and websites are taking over. 

If you are nostalgic and still love to flip through Vogue with your morning hot coffee during breakfast, we totally get it. Nevertheless, our suggestion is to also keep an eye on the web version of Vogue, which has a faster turnaround of news!

We have selected the best websites and magazines that our team visits and reads. Heads up, every magazine has also a digital version where you can find extra content, videos and more. 

Stay on-trend and choose the perfect source of information for you; every magazine or website is focused and masters different fashion areas. Identify their strength and select the best sources of the news based on your own interests. 

BOF – Business of Fashion

If you are interested in the business and analytic side of fashion, this website is what you need. Their platform is easy to use, trendy and updated: you may want to check it out. 

One of our favourite sections is A-Z Fashion, a small fashion dictionary to help you with basic must-know terms.


Born in the USA in the late eighteen hundreds, and today published in more than 20 countries, Vogue remains one of the most famous and historically important fashion magazines around.

Its editor-in-chief Anna Wintour – who took over in 1988 during a very complicated and difficult moment for Vogue Magazine – managed to raise it afresh, turning it into the great magazine that we all know! If you want to stay on-trend, read Vogue.

Marie Claire

French-born magazine Marie Claire is today driven by the American edition, which became the principal edition shortly after its first publication. Health, beauty, celebrities, and fashion are the prevailing themes.


This website covers different aspects of fashion, news on Style, Beauty, Business, and Events. Additionally, it has a Career section where you can check what brands are expanding and hiring today, which is great in case you are aiming to find a job in the fashion world!


Elle is the most important French fashion magazine, first published in 1945. The famous slogan If she reads, she reads Elle, is probably true, considering that it is nowadays the largest fashion magazine, sold in 60 languages and presenting 46 international editions. Elle presents many different sections and subsections, and a website with an enormous number of publications per day!


Cosmopolitan is a women’s magazine that revolves around celebrities and their relationships, fashion, horoscopes, beauty, and trends. If you are looking to be a fashion expert this is probably not your first choice, but it can keep you company if you are gossip addicted.


Grazia is 100% Italian but, like all other magazines, it has an international news scope. When it was first born in 1938, cooking was one of the main themes in the magazine – as the Italian tradition commands – and still is, in today’s editions. 

It’s one of the very few magazines on which you are sure to find recipes and cooking tips!

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