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How to Choose the Right Clothing Factory?

How to Choose the Right Clothing Factory?

Words by Alex Soler

17 October 2021
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how to choose the right clothing factory for your brand

Once you finally select your favorite suppliers it is time to bond with them, to get to a final agreement, and to make sure your collaboration will turn out to be a success. 

Of course, this achievement requires effort from both sides. In the following sections, we have shared some Urth Tips on how to deal with suppliers and how to make the most of your cooperation!

How to Win the Confidence of a Clothing Factory?

No one likes to lose time, especially when it comes to work and productivity. 

When approaching a new possible clothing factory partner it is important to win their confidence and keep it that way through the duration of the project. Let’s see how:

  • Trust your Clothing Factory: The best way to be trusted is to trust in the first place. 
  • Be Humble and Honest: All the suppliers you will partner with will probably have more experience than you. Express your uncertainties and doubts with no fear, they will appreciate your honesty and support you.
  • Come with clear ideas: Before contacting a provider with which you are seriously interested to work, make sure you have very clear ideas on what you want. Things will probably need some technical adjustments and you will be totally free to change your mind during the process, but having clear ideas in mind before starting is the key.
  • Be Clear: Try to share your expectations and goals from the very beginning.
  • Be Organized: The capability of planning ahead and considering possible obstacles and delays is important and will surely help you bond with your partner.
  • Keep communication fluent: Do not disappear for many consecutive days, and make sure you provide fast responses. The providers will not take you seriously if you do not show up regularly for your own project.
  • Pay your bills on time: What more can be added here? No one likes to work for free.  Make sure the terms of the contract you sign to suit you and do not forget to pay the bills on time!
  • Be comprehensive and patient – within reason: Can you imagine how many moving parts there are in a clothing factory? We know something about it, and trust us, there are many!!This is why, at least at the beginning, we suggest you try being understanding towards them and try considering that obtaining a response can require many different professional opinions. All that being said, if late responses and lack of communication becomes the normality, raise your voice politely and make sure your interests are safeguarded.
  • Be Demanding, but not Annoying: You are the client, you have demands. That is normal and it is how it is supposed to be, within reason! Do not exaggerate with too many requests!!


These could seem to be obvious tips, but the truth is that to put them in the act can be very challenging.

choosing the right factory for your brand

How to make sure the collaboration with your Clothing Factory will be fulfilling?

Keep in mind the suggestions listed in the section “How to win the Confidence of a Clothing Factory?”, but never lose sight of your ultimate goal: achieve quality results, on time.


You will never have control over your supplier, but you can put your best efforts into it, to make sure you do everything in your power to ensure the project’s success. Here is how: 

  • Set Due Dates from the Beginning: Having the project time line set from the very beginning with agreed due dates from both parties ensures clear expectations and no misunderstandings.
  • Be Ready for Unexpected Delays: Even though your partner and you have agreed on a schedule, you shall keep in mind that you will probably run into unexpected delays. Technical issues, machine breakages, customs problems, national holidays, and more could get into the way of your project and delay it. Do not plan your project imagining everything will go as expected; it practically never happens.
  • Provide the Necessary Materials On-time: Whether you need to provide physical references, digital materials, feedback, etc., make sure you supply everything on time and do not pass by your deadline.
    Factories normally have very tight schedules, and cannot stop or lower their productivity due to your lack of collaboration. Missing a delivery could get your project postponed in favor of another one.
  • Be Collaborative and Positive: Keep morale up, be proactive and collaborative, everything will be fine!
  • Often Follow Up with the Clothing Factory – but try not to pressure too much: In case the clothing factory does not have very efficient customer service, try to make sure you still receive frequent updates! Keep track of dates and do not allow too much time to pass in between one communication and the other.


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